2016 NJAIChE Officers:

Office Email Address Office Holder Organization Phone
Director – emeritus nairbelco@gmail.com Dr. Chandra Nair Retired
Secretary/Past Chair sibbliesj@gmail.com Jacqueline Sibblies ECC 908-531-4029 (c)
Director andysoos@optonline.net Andy Soos Retired 908-604-2693 (h)
Director chrisdziedziak@gmail.com, Chris Dziedziak
Director (program) davidg14@me.com


David Greene Greene Associates 908-757-8183 (h)
Chair (website) hspharma@aol.com Howard Stamato BMS 609-818-5145 (w)
Treasurer  yasha_zelmanovich@eiassociates.com Yasha Zelmanovich EI Associates 973-775-7777 (w)
Director – emeritus pmpop38@aol.com Phil Messina Retired 732-388-9290 (h)
Director kcarlson76@aol.com Ken Carlson Consultant 732-604-2553 (c)
At Large Director – Membership


michael.p.horvath@outlook.com Mike Horvath CSC Sugar
Chair Elect mikeknj@verizon.net Michael Kolber

You may ask: What does each officer do and where do they do it? Typically, all officers may be expected to spend 1.5 hours per month (for ten months of the year) at the Executive Committee meetings in Scotch Plains, NJ. Additional time may be spent either on the phone or by email working on the various local AIChE activities. Total time may be up to 5 hours a month but may be as low as 2 hours. Brief descriptions of Officer duties are as follows (note: * marks an elected officer):

Chair*: Presides over all meetings. Often implements selected activities. Section coordinator. (5 hours per month)

Vice Chair*: Chair-Elect, serves as backup to Chair. Follows up on project progress (2 hours per month)

Secretary*: Takes Exec Committee meeting minutes, distributes. Prepares newsletter twice a year. (3 hours per month)

Treasurer*: Maintains checking account, reconciles accounts, pays all bills, prepares quarterly reports to the Exec Committee on Finances. (4 hours per month)

Program Director: Arranges for speakers at all meetings, plant tour, Student Night. Communicates meeting details to Membership Director for preparation of the meeting notice. (3 hours per month)

Website Director: Maintains, revises, and updates website. Posts meeting notices, newsletters, revises historical records, post meeting pictures, etc. (2 hours per month)

Membership Director: Maintains, revises and updates membership list. Receives the data from AIChE National regarding changes in order to maintain the Section database. Prepares meeting notices and e-mailings and hard copy mailings. Includes the Newsletters in the hard copy mailings. Provides meeting notices to the Website Director for posting to the site. (4 hours per month)

At Large Director: Attends Executive Committee meetings, provides advice, and may assist others on special projects, meetings and seminars. May serve as membership, program or website lead. Generally a learning position for becoming an elected officer. (1 hour per month)

Please contact any Section officer for more details. If you are interested in becoming involved and helping lead your Section, please do so!  Inquiries can be made by filling out our contact form.