January 19 Meeting : Nano-conversion Technology


Note: Rescheduled meeting : Wednesday January 19, 2001 ( postponed from Jan 11 due to weather)





Nano-conversion Technology – An ignored but novel and unique field of Nanoscience

Gordhan Patel, President

JP laboratories, Inc, Middlesex, NJ 08873

(732) 469 6670, gnpatel@jplabs.com, www.jplabs.com 


Date:                           Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Agenda:                    Registration             6:00 –6:30 PM
Networking              6:30- 7:00 PM

Dinner                       6:30 PM
Program                    7:00 PM

Place :                       Snuffy’s Steakhouse
Mountain and Park Avenues, Scotch Plains

Price :                       

Members and Guests …………………….        $25

Unemployed or Retired Members ………   $15

Students …………………………………… No Charge

Reservations :         Call Andy Soos at (908) 604-2670 or e-mail at rsvp@njaiche.org by Friday, January 14, 2011 .  On site registration also welcome.  


Dr. Gordhan Patel received his BS (Chemistry, 1964), MS (Physical Chemistry, 1966) and Ph.D. (Physics, 1970) from Sardar Patel University, Vidyanagar, India. He worked as a post doctoral fellow at University of Bristol, Bristol, England (1970-1973) and Baylor University, Waco, Texas (1973-1974) and as a research associate for Honeywell, Morristown, NJ from 1974-1982. He started his own research and development company, JP Laboratories, Middlesex, NJ in 1983. He has more than 100 publications including about 60 patents. He has given more than 60 invited lectures in many countries on his pioneering work on solid state polymerization of diacetylenes. He received multi-million dollar research and development grants form US Government Agencies to develop new products.

After September 11, 2001, Dr. Patel accepted the responsibility of developing products for combating terrorism (CBRN, Chemical Biological, Radiological and Nuclear attack). He developed SIRAD® (Self-indicating, Instant, Radiation Alert Dosimeter) technology for instantly monitoring exposure to radiation in an event of radiological or nuclear attack. SIRAD technology was displayed on the Capitol Hill in 2007. For developing SIRAD technology, he received internationally recognized awards, such as Frost & Sullivan’s Award for “Excellence in Technology” (2004) and R&D-100 Award (2005). He was invited by a US Congressional Committee to testify on his SIRAD technology for combating terrorism. A number of articles have been written on his work, e.g., Associated Press, front page coverage on Wall Street Journal and Times of India and TV headlines, such as ABC News and BBC News.

His research area include (1) Nano-structures and their destructions, (2) radiation dosimeters, (3) indicators for monitoring a variety of processes and materials, (4) Acetylenic compounds and solid state polymerization, (5) Metallizing of plastics and (6) Synthetic blood.

Recently, he is developing products, mainly irreversible indicators based on destruction/conversion of nanostructures. Today, he will present novel, unique and self-reading indicators called Nano-IndisTM.


Nanostructures have many unique properties and a large number of products are based on them. However, little attention has been paid to understanding and developing products based on their destruction/conversion. Dr. Patel has developed many novel, unique and self-reading indicators called Nano-IndisTM. They are based on destruction of ~10 nm aluminum layer and it’s naturally formed ~2nm oxide layer (2D nanostructures) of a metallized plastic film.

Nano-Indis are made by printing a message, such as “FRESH” (for monitoring shelf-life foods and pharmaceuticals) or “VALID” (for visitor’s badges) onto the metal layer and “NOT” on the plastic surface of a metallized plastic film followed by applying a layer of etchant in a binder onto the metal layer. When the opaque metal layer is etched/destroyed by the etchant, “NOT” becomes visible and a combined message “NOT FRESH” or “NOT VALID” is displayed. Other Nano-Indis include freeze, thaw, humidity, sterilization, toxic chemicals and ionizing radiation. Other chemical indicators of today undergo a gradual color change and require color reference charts and explanations. Self explanatory Nano-Indis have a rare combination of the most desired properties.

Nano-conversion technology is barely explored and believed to be potentially a vast field of nano-science. A large number of products can be developed using other nano-indicators, etchants, precursors and processes by converting a variety of other nano-structures.

Executive Committee Meeting 

The Executive Committee meeting for January  will be held on January 4th at Paisano’s Pizza at 6:30 pm.   All members are welcome.

Future Meetings 

Have you heard someone speak that would be of interest to our group?  Would you like to speak?  We’re interested in both technical and general interest presentations. Let us know.

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