NJAIChE May 2015 Meeting

Another meeting you might enjoy (May 19):

The Association of Consulting Chemists & Chemical Engineers (ACCCE, www.chemconsult.org) will host a dinner and technical presentation by Dr. Phil Eisner, May 19 at the Top Hat Tavern in the Grand Summit Hotel (Springfield Ave. near Morris Ave.) in Summit, NJ. Council meeting will be at 5 pm, dinner and the talk at 6 pm.

 Understanding the Universe

Philip Eisner is a physicist and former research manager and planner with Exxon Research.  He will trace historic views of the universe and discuss more recent developments. He will describe briefly the early scientific efforts in ancient Greece and the much later work of Galileo, Kepler, and Newton whose theories lasted until the 20th century. Then, in1916, Einstein introduced his theory of General Relativity that thoroughly revised our understanding of cosmology. Hubbell’s discovery of the expansion of the universe and, later, Penzias’ and Wilson’s discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation were shown to be both compatible with Einstein’s equations and the “Big Bang” expansion history of the universe. Today, astronomers, armed with new telescopes (some in outer space like the Hubble telescope) are producing amazing new observations that are rapidly changing again our understanding of the observable universe. However, even though this year is the 100thanniversary of Einstein’s theory, there is no evidence that it is wrong. Indeed, Dr. Eisner will describe the various successful tests of the theory.

The registration fee is $35 for members and non-members. Please contact Dr. John Bonacci at ACC&CE: email: accce@chemconsult.org, phone or fax: 908-464-3182 or regular mail: P.O. Box 902, Murray Hill, NJ 07974-0902.  Please register by May 16.




Meeting for 
Tuesday May 12, 2015 

The intersection of engineering and gastronomy:


“How a French Fry Fries”


Sherlock Holmes said “You see, but you do not observe.”
Following that dictum, Dr. Blumenthal spent many years learning to observe the multiple phenomena occurring during the frying of doughnuts, pies, formed and fabricated onion rings, potato chips, and french fries. By modeling the system, and testing hypotheses, the fog that obscured the simplicity of the system lifted, and a new paradigm could be stated. The new way of thinking took a $100 billion dollar a year industry from using high trans, and saturated fats used to prolong the life of frying oils, to more healthful unsaturated oils using better control of oil quality to contain, and lower operating costs. The public health was improved, while manufacturing costs were reduced or stabilized long-term. Many of the observations and resulting simplifications are presented with some humor and a sense of accomplishment in the pursuit of the long-term project goals.

Speaker: Mike Blumenthal

Dr. Mike Blumenthal is both a physical chemist and food scientist specializing in process development and process control. He founded the Libra consulting group of companies more than 35 years ago, and is about to launch an industrial forensics group based on accumulated experience as an expert witness. Mike is also an adjunct professor at Rutgers University where he helps graduate researchers fine tune their theses, and is developing a new course and publications. He has made many presentations around the world on various STEM topics and the future of science and technology.

Meeting Logistics
     Tuesday May 12, 2015
     Registration and Networking 6:00 PM 
     Dinner 6:30 PM 
     Program 7:30 PM

Stage House Tavern
366 Park Ave, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076
(908) 322-4224


Members and Guests …………………..………..$30
Unemployed/Retired Section members………. $15
Students………………………………………….…No Charge

Some meetings of AIChE local sections have been sponsored. If you would like to sponsor this meeting or a future meeting please let us know. Many levels of sponsorship are available.

Future Meetings:
Have you heard someone speak that would be of interest to our group? Would you like to speak? We’re interested in both technical and general interest presentations. Let us know.

Professional Development Hours:
PDH credits will be awarded when applicable
New Jersey Section Information:
     Call Andy Soos at (908) 604-2670 or e-mail at rsvp@njaiche.org

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