ACCE Meeting January 2014

Dear NJAIChE Memebers,

Another meeting on fracking you may be interested in from our colleagues at ACCE:


Association of Consulting Chemists & Chemical Engineers, Inc.

Scientific, Engineering, Business and Management Consultants


P.O. Box 902                                                              Murray Hill, NJ  07974-0902

Telephone: 1-908-464-3182                                       Fax: 1-908-464-3182                                                  




Date/Venue:      February 4, 2014   Snuffy’s in Scotch Plains, NJ

Time:                   6:00 pm Networking     6:30-8:30 pm Dinner and


Presentation Topic:            “SUSTAINABILITY”


Speaker:   Dr. Phillip N. Eisner

                             Dr. Eisner has a BS from MIT and a PhD from NYU, both in Physics.  He has had an extensive industrial and academic career.   




      Dr. Eisner casts the issue as a battle of Nature versus Technology, caused by our exploding population, exacerbated by primal human drives.  He will examine industrial pollution, waste disposal, agricultural problems, water use and the destruction of wilderness.  Ultimate sustainability of civilization requires the mobilization of political, economic and technological resources of many future generations.


The registration fee for members and non-members is $30 which includes dinner.. Prior reservations are requested by January 30, 2014.. Thank you.


Please contact Dr. John Bonacci at ACC&CE: email:, phone or fax: 908-464-3182 or regular mail: P.O. Box 902, Murray Hill, NJ  07974-0902.


Note: there will not be a Council meeting at 4:00 p.m.: